For the record: a pleasant surprise

I already knew I hold two ON records in CQ WW CW (SB20 HP 2005 and SOAB(A) LP 2004) but when exploring the options for the coming WPX CW, I discovered I also hold two ON records for CQ WPX CW:

image image

Anyway, the SOAB HP records for both assisted and unassisted are out of reach. Both are made by super operator DL2CC from super station ON4UN. I don’t know where my operating skills are compared to DL2CC, but I do know the difference between ON5ZO and ON4UN station hardware. WPX gives a bonus for low band contacts, and you’d think that from the ON4UN station the score builds on 40 and 80. But the strange thing is (tnx Fab DJ1YFK for drawing the attention): DL2CC sucked 15m dry in 2002 (see 3830 report). That’s what good conditions can do. And the WPX scoring system allows you to suck an open band dry until it closes because mults are counted overall and not by band.

So if WX permits I’ll probably do SOAB non-assisted in WPX CW. Focus on 40m for low band bonus, and run 20m like hell for the prefixes. I don’t think 15m will shine. I made 2000 QSO like this in 2006, so I need to make at least as many to be happy. But don’t tell anyone: I silently hope for 2500 QSO. If all goes well…

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