Close Call

Results for the UBA DX SSB contest are finally out. Marc ON7SS volunteered very last minute to check the 2009 logs. A job that had been ‘pending’ for quite some time in the realms of the UBA. I know Marc put in a lot of hours the last six weeks. And that’s only for the SSB part. He also has to do the CW part and from what I’ve seen, it’s a lot more logs containing a lot more QSO. It’s over 800 CW logs versus 550 SSB. My first count was more than twice the CW contacts in the logs than SSB. It should go smoother in the future when the software is fully functional. Smoother but still needing a lot of human interventions, mainly due to those crappy non-standard Cabrillo logs. The program is not ready for prime time yet because several routines need to be completed and tested. I’m not spending too much time on the software project right now. I’d like to make some low band contacts this winter too.

Back to the results. I won the category but it was a close call with OO5S. He has bigger antennas than I do and made 20 more QSO and collected more points than me. I lost a multiplier in the log checking (I claimed 90 mults) and a bunch of QSO. Another proof that ON7SS scrutinized the logs. Luckily I worked one multiplier extra in the end. The moral of the story is that the score difference is less than 1%. Which means there actually is competition and the I shouldn’t be too confident. This means some extra effort must be done next year. Next year? Next month!

Too bad the SSB part is such a lame coimagentest. Not for the mode, but it coincides with CQ 160m CW contest so all the activity is there. I wouldn’t do this contest if it weren’t for the UBA. For the UBA CW contest, the modes are reversed. Hence more participation in the UBA contest. Woohoo! Now off to bed. It’s 01.30 AM local time and I worked some DX on 80m. DP1POL and an HS0. I tried 160m again but is was only EU than I heard or that called me.

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