Holy macaroni: SFI = 82

SFI over 80. How long is that been? I’m psyched! That explains the JA and Asia I worked on 15m last week. And the rush on 15m USA last Sunday. And the VK4 I worked like a breeze five minutes ago. Let’s call CQ and see what falls out of the DX tree.

I had to interrupt writing this because my CQ’ing got more answers. I just worked 6x JA, 1x ZL4, one BD and went off to work BY8AC to close the deal. All on 15m, and good signals. No more digging in the noise on 15m. Let’s hope it really gets better. If this is just a one off teaser I’m sure we will all be disappointed. I’ve got a DXCC to get on 12m!

One thing I forgot in all my negativity about SB80 in CQ WW SSB. On my Saturday morning sunrise I got called by a ZM4 and a ZL1. Working ZL on 80m is a treat for me. It is even more special in SSB (and a first in this mode!). But the real surprise was copying them through the QRM. I’m sure I could have worked more DX without the horrendous QRM that comes with major contests in SSB. I’d set my hope on working one JA in SSB on 80m too but it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe this winter on a good evening, without all the QRM.

While uploading the contest logs yesterday, I saw that both my FT5GA QSO’s were already confirmed. That is a nice gesture. Maybe I judged them too hard. Plain hard would have been enough in stead of too hard. Especially with the extra information now coming through that they were more soldiers than operators serving under the French army’s conditions.

Edit 09.30 UTC: I played a bit on 12m and worked into UA9 and snatched a VR2. Then I tried 10m but only worked UA9 and a few EU Russians. I was so enthousiastic that I forgot I put some food in he oven for this noon’s lunch. The dish fried long enough but it’s still edible!

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