No radio for me this weekend

The plan was there. Lots of good intentions. Like finally showing up for EU Sprint CW again on Saturday. Or work VK/ZL on 40 and 80m in the Oceania DX CW contest. My local sunrise on Sunday would be ideal as proven last year. But when I got home on Friday, I was met by an unexpected bureaucratic setback needing immediate attention. So no radio, only taking care of the urgent domestic situation. Yeah I float on the surface by not disclosing what I had to do in stead of playing on the radio. I always try to keep it radio-related here. What goes on in my life besides ham radio is either irrelevant or simply none of your business. And to a lesser extent: Feind hört mit! But let me give you a hint or two: a) Red Tape and b) read the last sentence of the previous post.

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