QSL madness

I’ve been complaining a lot about the huge amount of QSL cards I have to handle the last couple of years. Apart from consuming time and money, in the long run the big issue here is: where do I keep all those kilos of paper? Or do I just throw it away one day? I know Scott W4PA told he did so back when his blog was still online. I was shocked that he threw away all his cards but I understood. Maybe one day I will find myself in a situation where I just have to part with the cards.

World famous DXpeditioner Nigel G3TXF has built a “QSL shack”, a small barn dedicated to his QSL collection. That’s pure madness to me, sacrifice garden space and budget to build a QSL warehouse! You can see it here:

Something different: Glorioso is coming! Are you ready? And if you want to see a crazy mofo building a big contest station from scratch: SJ2W is the place to be. Good luck Mike SM2WMV, and CU on the air.

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