And the winner is…


Of course ON4BHQ had to win the quiz. I’ve been plaguing him with the ‘should I or should I not’ question for quite some time. The joy of MSN instant messaging and two people who have their laptop on almost all the time.  

Finally I did. It is indeed an new Elecraft K3 that I bought. The Euro-Dollar is at a quite favorable exchange rate. Not as good (for EU side) as it was early 2008 when I ordered the first K3, but it has been worse in the first half of this year.

So I decided to get the SO2R setup symmetrical again by ditching the second TS-850 and team up the K3 in pairs. It’s a simple K3/100W version with only the transverter unit for RX antennas and a 500Hz CW roofing filter. No 2nd RX in this one. I contemplated to add the VHF 2m option but I haven’t even tried 6m seriously…

I don’t know when I start assembling the kit. I also need a second cable to connect it to the MK2R+ SO2R controller. I hope selling the microHAM cable for the TS-850 goes as easy and as fast as the first one. I sold that through the RRDXA reflector right away. Then try to sell the TS-850. The first one was spoken for so I didn’t need to go out and shout… Anyone needing a good TS-850 (without ATU)?

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