5BDXCC in CW ! ! !

It seems I have achieved 5BDXCC. For the regular people (are there any that read this anyway?): that means I have contacted at least 100 different countries on 5 different amateur frequency bands, AND HAVE THE PROOF TO SHOW FOR IT ! ! !

I spent the last two days almost entirely processing QSL cards (more on that later) and I noticed that I confirmed quite a few band slots for DXCC. I’ve been using LotW for over 3 years now and I have a lot of new ones there that my old DX4WIN doesn’t count. I never bothered to import the LotW report and merge the score for paper QSL and LotW. Until now. DX4WIN told me I was missing some countries to get to 100 on 80m. I new I had a bunch there on LotW for which I don’t have a paper log. So finally I RTFM and there you go.

Five band (CW only) DXCC ☺☻☺☻☺


I do not consider myself a DX’er but I like to work a new one when possible. So the score here has been worked together over the years but not very fanatically.

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to OQ5M Franki,

Hello Franki. I take the time to let you know that we read your comments and discuss them in our Berlin (North East) radio club. So, don’t you worry, at least I take your sometimes funny remarks very seriously. They give me a lot of thought (about DXCC, skimmers=reverse beacon networks. I consider myself a DXer , but only able to tun 100W and G5RV. Also I consider myself an AWARD Hunter, but having achieved about 10% of what you achieve. I can feel your pride, right so. I am happy with lesser achievments, which still gives me an enormous satisfaction. I can’t but write to you because of the great respect I feel, wishing you even more success. Hope to work you some day (although ON is not what I am looking for everyday ….,smile). 73 Achim

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