More software issues

I am was a big fan of the CW Freak software. I haven’t played ‘the game’ in a long time so I downloaded it to run it on my Vista laptop. I kept getting an error and the program doesn’t run. It hasn’t been updated for over three years so I figured Vista support would be minimal. I sent an email to the author but the address on the site is no longer valid.

In order to be constructive for a change I sent a note to the CQ Contest reflector. I needed to rewrite my message (link) before it would get posted. The list’s moderator wanted me to ask for direct replies to avoid yet another strong pro-con discussion, this time about Vista. He’s right. The replies would most likely again slip into an endless discussion about people who prefer MS-DOS 6.02 over XP, Linux fans mocking Mac users etc. Agreed: Vista is not quite a big success and my first encounter with Windows 7 last week was very hopeful. But my laptop runs Vista and I’ll use it until it’s time to move to Windows 7.

I installed, tried and uninstalled DXKeeper again. Its Spartan GUI was quite a shock compared to nGenLog’s modern feel but once again I found myself lost in all the possible windows, tabs and options. A killer application for sure, and it’ll probably suit my needs but I just can’t be bothered to start learning it.

I discovered that I could read from (tested) and probably write to (not tested) nGenLog’s database using my .Net toolbox. That opens perspectives. I started analyzing my own .Net application’s code again that I hadn’t looked at for over 2 months. Did I really write all that? Maybe time to pick up where I left…

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