First place yes, plaque no

During my morning ritual of reading the overnight emails I discovered that K5ZD has published the 2008 WPX CW results. While I clearly remember what I did in that contest and how it went, I just wasn’t sure anymore how I submitted the log. A quick search in the scores database showed I was SO HP 10M (T). Apparently I made over 600 QSO on 10m. Hard to believe when you read it but it’s true. That’s the main reason I’m writing all this: so it can help me to remember things. So I read my own story from last year’s WPX CW. I remember working that JA on 10m though – you don’t forget that. JA on 10m. That sounds unearthly now. JA on 15m would be amazing today. Anyway here’s what the scores table looks like:


This afternoon I emptied the mailbox and found two certificates for this very contest. One that says “1st Belgium – #12 World – #10 Europe” for SO HP 10m and another that says “1st place World Tribander/Wires HP 10m”. A bit confusing with all these subcategories… Still I have “First Place World” printed black on white (actually on yellow) and it’s nice even if it is in such an obscure category. Yet there is no plaque in this subcategory. Only normal, it’s virtually impossible to have plaques for all marginal subclasses in WPX. I was thinking a SB20 or SB40 in this year’s WPX CW. I doubt that 10m will support any propagation but then again that’s what I said last year too. Oh yeah, 3830 says I got kicked out of the RDXC top ten box. Which is only normal and expected. It was fun while it lasted.

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