New one on Top Band?

One thing I forgot in my RDXC report. On 160m I got called by HI3/LY3UM. He was rather strong but somehow the contact didn’t work out. My guess was that he was calling someone else on or near my frequency so I didn’t log him. Tough choice when you need HI on 160m! But it wasn’t a successful contest QSO. A minute or two later he calls me back, a little louder now. I sent him my report and got a number back. Still amazed I want to make sure he calls me and not someone else I can’t hear and send his number back to him asking a confirmation. Sure enough he confirms. HI3 as a new one on Top Band, and it wasn’t a difficult QSO nor did it involve a pile up. I just remember this QSO after reading ES5TV’s RDXC report on 3830: “HI3/LY3UM had unbelievable signal on 160m”.

Also fun was watching OH2UA @ OH8X operate through the live webcam. It’s amazing to see how contesters everywhere have the same habits like having snacks and drinks at hand or operate standing up for a short while and suffer the same problems. At 04.00z I closed the shack’s window because it got cold and I saw OH2UA put on his jacket over his T-shirt.

By the way: who is OR2F? I’m not used to Belgian callsigns working me on several bands throughout the night and handing out big serial numbers! He gave me “almost 900” for my “just over 1000”.  I need to keep an eye on that. My ON domination is at stake here HI. I’m #9 in RDXC on 3830 for now. That won’t hold I’m sure. I maintained a top 10 spot in the 3830 claimed scores for ARRL DX CW though, SOAB HP Assisted.

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