The thrill of working DX but *NOT* K5D which brings out the worst in the EU pigs. They’re very loud on 40 CW right now but the EU behavior is a shame so I quit. I can hear them pretty good on 80m SSB but they run ‘by numbers’. So no K5D.

Suddenly a spot for PJ2/N4QQ shows up on 1820. I go there and he’s a true S9 but quite some big guns calling him. I take a shot and send my call. Through the callers I hear him giving ‘5NN’ but no one replies and the callers in the pile up remain quiet (unlike K5D). Then he comes back again: ‘OQ5M 5NN’. Woohoo, a new one on 160m and worked first call. A good start of the day…

NOTE: Half an hour later I work JT1CO/6Y1 on 1830 for yet another new one on Top Band!  Open mond

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