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About two weeks ago I thought it was finally time to honk the K3’s horn on eHam’s review section. Soon after that someone wrote to ask what I thought of the rig’s audio. I think it’s good but I never reflected on this aspect of the rig. It turns out he is the owner of a K3 that according to him has poor to abominable audio. Quote: "It has the worst, thinnest, screetchiest audio I have ever heard in all the tranceivers I have. The RX eq has little effect. After a couple of days of fiddling with this thing, checking settings, loading the latest firm ware, I sent it back to Elecraft. I’m hoping they will be able to do something with it.". I surely hope so too! That said: how is the audio? I’ve never listened to the built-in speaker. I only know that it’s far less noisy than the TS-850’s audio circuit and that I like what I hear.

Tomorrow it’s building time. After whining about the delay in my KRX3’s delivery thanks to Belgian customs and the bill attached to that, it’s finally time to open the rig and mount the receiver module. After all, it has now been gathering dust on my table for over 4 weeks. No complaints about that though. I need to hurry because I promised my club to lend them my antistatic mat and since they’ll soon be needing it, I’d better start. I just removed the rig from it’s operating position and put the patient on the operating table. Surgeon ON5ZO’s first job in the morning. I hope the operation will go smoothly and that the patient will recover after anesthesia.

Other than that, I ordered a nice bag (link) to take the K3 to… well it ain’t going nowhere for now but you never know… Received a couple of direct QSL cards, visited Belgium second biggest ham fair on Sunday, read that LZ DX 2008 results are out. Two and a half months after the contest. That’s fast! Don’t look for my score on top, it’s way down. Glad that 2008 is over¬†¬† ;o)

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