Note to self: Run as administrator!

If there were a skull emoticon I’d be more than happy to use it in conjunction with the word Vista.

I was reading the latest issue of PileUp! Newsletter and it featured an article referring to VE3NEA’s site. Apparently Alex has made a DLL available to parse callsigns. I was thinking of a way to parse the well known country files. I don’t like this format. I think it’s very unstructured. So I was thinking of a workaround when this CallPars.DLL stepped up on stage.

CallPars I could not run the provided VB6 test application under Windows Vista. So I made my own .Net code which is very easy and straightforward but I kept getting an error: "Failed –Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID ….". Yet another DLL / OCX issue under Vista.  *skull*  Searching and searching, unregistering and registering the DLL, all but leading to the solution.
I found a lot of hits on Google but no hints to solve the problem. Until this link showed me the way. It turns out that you need to run the command prompt as administrator if you want to use RegSvr32 to register the DLL. *skull*

Yesterday I went to my club’s New Year’s meeting and picked up a box of incoming QSL cards. The box is big enough but I was afraid it’d be even bigger. Hot topics under discussion: the K3 transceiver which the club will be ordering for the ON7SA station and the poor propagation. Too bad we can’t buy sun spots.

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