2008 statistics

Now that 2009 is upon is, time for a quick look back to 2008, not really ON5ZO’s year.

The table to the right shows the number of days I am active in a year. This simply counts the unique dates in the log. So one day may count only 1 QSO or several hundred.

It’s pretty obvious that my operating chair was occupied far less in 2008 compared to the record year 2007.

One thing I learned is that you can’t force yourself to be active so I have no targets for 2009. We’ll see what gives.




The data above shows the breakdown by band. A quick look to 15m tells a lot about propagation. And although 40m was hot throughout 2008, the number of contacts is halved. Read: less contesting. The rise in the number of 160m contacts is only due to the fact that I made 120 QSO in the Stew Perry contest and made about 200 casual contacts in December with the new antenna where I only had the 160m antenna up during contests in the previous years. And apparently I made 11 QSO on 6m with the K3.

The last table doesn’t tell anything different than that CW is my preferred ‘modus operandi’ and that I didn’t do a lot of RTTY in 2008. A drop in SSB too, probably because I didn’t do a lot in ARRL DX and WPX SSB, and a drop in the number of contacts in CQ WW SSB.


There seems to be a bug in the breakdown for the less popular modes. Oh well, I’ll just rewrite this piece of software too to run under the .Net framework.

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