Gentleman, start your… rigs!

There has NEVER been a contest for which I prepared more than this one. But I think I’m ready although there are many unknown parameters, not in the least the new 80/160m vertical. I think I have it tamed after countless hours in rain, snow and ice cold wind. I wonder how it’ll behave. On 40m my wires seem to do well:

VK4HFO        7016.4 OQ5M        true 599 TU              1450 28-Nov-2008
N7CW          7016.3 OQ5M                                 1443 28-Nov-2008
BX4AQ         7016.4 OQ5M        CQ                       1438 28-Nov-2008

So let’s hope for the best. Conditions are what they are but I’m afraid fatigue is my enemy…

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