More DX

DX 1: VK9DWX and 9L1X: worked some more last weekend. And worked some more USA on 30m too. Fun!

DX 2: JIDX CW 2008: results are already out (link). Country winner yet again. No I wasn’t the only ON one to submit a log this year. Yet another nice certificate…

DX 3: CQ WW DX SSB. For the fourth year in a row SB20. I don’t like SSB enough for a 48hr all band effort. I’ve had it with 20m but what to do with current propagation? SB40 in SSB? Thanks but no thanks! I hope propagation on 14 MHz will offer some nice openings. A modest JA pile up and a few long lasting +100/hr rates into USA would certainly be welcome. Probably it’ll be a drag once again with no real openings and no high rates.

Here’s how I did in the previous years (CLAIMED score from my log):

Year QSO Zone DXCC Score Setup
2005 1256 30 90 324230 KLM KT34XA + 500W
2006 1507 35 114 420031 KLM KT34XA + 1 kW
2007 1360 32 107 378219 OB11-3 + 1kW

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