It’s been 10 days since my last posting but I got a sudden and severe case of flu. The little time I spent on the bands showed daily openings to KH6 in the morning on 20m. I worked a KH6 in RTTY for a new one in that mode. The opening at my sunrise on 30m to W6-land is still there. But the W6-guys weren’t. I only worked 2 or 3 Californian stations on the mornings I was QRV. One afternoon I had a short run of JA on 20. And I made 200-and-a-few QSO’s in the YO DX contest last weekend.

I’m half way through the box of QSL cards. That’s over 600 QSO’s. I don’t count the cards but the logging program says I marked +600 contacts to QSL. When the other half is done, I can process the ADIF export and upload to the GlobalQSL system.

Yes, it’s really calm here. I enjoyed the "It’s not a job" part N0AX wrote in his biweekly ARRL newsletter (link). It might as well be written for my 2008 contesting…

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