K3 keying test

A few weeks ago I was running EUHFC (see link) when a loud signal comes up telling me "CHECK UR TX – CHECK UR TX". I was stunned by this remark and I asked what was wrong. I got an answer telling me something was wrong with the signal (can’t remember the exact words). Since no one else complained about it, I forgot this happened.

Until G4BUE mentions on the Elecraft reflector (link) that some people can ID a signal coming from a K3 as being ‘hard keying‘. He also says ‘I was using the NR option at the time‘. Then it hit me: when the guy (gal?) broke in to tell me to check my TX, I was actually playing with the NR parameters. The low bands were very noisy here and I wanted to see if the fancy K3 DSP toys could make RX better. My old TS-850 doesn’t have this feature.

Following my reply on the Elecraft reflector, I got the offer from a SM station (also K3 owner) to check my keying on the air. So I arranged a sked with the SM station and invited G4BUE as well. We’ll be around 7020 and 10115, sked made around 04.30 – 04.45 utc on Satuday August 23. Care to join us?

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