K3 delivery fallout: more to pay

Two months ago I told the story of the K3’s arrival (link). A few weeks later UPS called me to say I had to pay over 300 Euros. The lady explained it concerned the shipping costs. I got in a panic. I already paid such an amount! This would blow the anticipated K3 budget. I told her the vendor charged the shipping costs and I paid +300 COD to the delivery guy. She checked her records and confirmed that everything was OK and that all costs were already paid.

A few days ago I got another UPS invoice in the mail. They checked their calculations and compared those figures to what they actually paid the Belgian customs upon import. In fact I didn’t pay enough. There was an open debt of… 0.01 Euro. One euro cent. Sending me the invoice in bulk mail costs them about 30 cents or more. So I transferred 0.01 Euro.

The worst part is that the invoice has a slip you have to return after the payment. A stamp to get this mailed to UPS would cost me 54 cent. I called their toll free helpdesk (luckily it’s a free 0800 number) and the lady told me that this amount should not be paid. I answered I already did but sticking a stamp would be ridiculous. She told me that there was no need to send the slip and that the 1 euro cent shouldn’t have been paid in the first place…

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