Playing with K3 put on hold…

My K3 is built.  Glimlach
My K3 is tested.  Glimlach
My K3 works.  Open mond
My K3 is integrated in my microHAM / N1MMLogger SO2R setup.Uitgestoken tong
Problems encountered:   Ontblote tanden
  • The N1MMLogger voice keyer has problems if the soundcard to play the WAV files is NOT Windows’ default sound card. The MK2R+ has two USB sound cards on board. So I need to make the voice codec the Windows’ default sound card and disable Windows sounds. That’s the reason why it sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. I only do SSB contesting every so often so each time I prepare for a SSB contest…
  • Same with RTTY. If I want to play in a RTTY contest, I always need to get it going again. But this time a K3-related issue popped up. It got pinpointed by someone on the Elecraft reflector. It is more or less in the manual which was right next to me and opened on the page that could have solved my problem. But I didn’t connect the dots.   Beschaamd
At least it works in CW ‘out of the box’. I made a dozen contacts and then playing time was over.
In the mean time we finished a construction job in the garden. There’s another one coming. This limits my on air activities for now. I’d like to build a 6m antenna to try 6m with the K3. I have no clue what to build because it a) need to be constructed fast and b) should be easy to put up. I don’t want to compromize my HF setup. It’s crowded enough already on our lot. And I really would like to fot my K9AY loop in there too now that I have RX antenna possibilities with tke K3. But where to squeeze that one in?
I hope to sell one of my TS-850’s next week. I have a possible buyer. Maybe next year sell the second one? I though to replace it with a TenTec Omni VII for the LAN-remote operation but… Why not replace it with a second K3?  Knipoogje
Enough silly emoticons for today… 73!

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