The goodies have arrived!

When I came home this afternoon, I found my microHAM DB37 cable to connect the coming K3 to my MK2R+. What a big cable that is, with lots of plugs. Pitfall: everyone is talking about the ‘DB15’ or ‘sub D 15’ connector on the rear side of the K3. To me this is a 15 pin connector with 2 rows (13 + 15 pins). It turns out it is a small ‘VGA’ style plug with 3 rows. I haven’t seen a real K3 nor looked at the drawings. So I downloaded the manual and indeed: it’s the 3 row version. I had the wrong image in mind.

I ordered one week ago directly from microHAM and the cable was delivered today. But there’s more. While unpacking the cable another delivery van arrived. I signed for the parcel that contained my new antistatic mat with matching bracelet I ordered in the UK. It is strongly advised to use this to assemble and fit options into the K3 transceiver.

I was trying to be a cheapskate and avoid buying this item. But a posting on the Elecraft reflector threw the advice in my face to buy one. Of course deep down I knew I just had to do this. It is only a small investment compared to the K3/100 and the extra second receiver I ordered. But on the other hand, the bookkeeper in me said that small purchases left and right make a bug sum spent in the end. My biggest problem was that a Belgian online reseller asked 80 Euro ex S/H. An Elecraft user group subscriber pointed me to a UK address. I paid half the Belgian price but S/H included. Ordered on Saturday, unpacked today. The only downside: it’s a green mat while the online picture showed a blue one. I prefer blue¬†¬† :o)

Now I can count down to the delivery of the K3. Should be 3 weeks or so. Fingers crossed!

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