LotW and Global QSL


Some nice new goodies on LotW. The 3B7C logs were uploaded too. But those aren’t on the list because I already have a paper QSL card and credit for this entity. DXCC status is 200 confirmed (LotW) and these 9 new confirmations.
I need to check my DX4WIN log to see how many new ones I have confirmed on paper. That’s the easy job. Then to find those specific cards in the big pile of processed QSL. Or wait until I get these confirmed on LotW. Probably the latter as my DXCC envy is overruled by the disgust of digging through QSL cards.
ON4BHQ told me he had quite a few cards in his latest ‘buro batch’ printed and sent by GlobalQSL. Including one of mine which I sent him to check the speed at which the cards travel from their facilities to the receiving end.

That turns out to be quite OK. Four months between uploading and receiving a card taking into account the extra delay a card to ON gets. ON4BHQ informs me that the cards are of very high quality. I’m pretty curious as I haven’t touched a GlobalQSL card myself. I’m sure there will be a few in the truckload of incoming cards that are waiting for me to be picked up and sorted / answered.

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