Some insignificant contest results

Over the last week the results came out for two smaller contests. Smaller yet big fun. Come to think of it: any CW contest is big fun. Current solar conditions aside, of course.

  • 9ACW contest: ON5ZO finished 23rd out of 76 logs with 547 QSO.
  • LZ DX contest: OQ5M finished 13th out of 271 logs with 900 QSO.

I like LZ DX a lot: 24h CW right before the CQ WW CW. Great way to check the station, monitor propagation and sharpen CW skills. I really did almost every contest in 2007. A night and day contrast with the first half of 2008. I hope to be back late 2008. Well, it shouldn’t take a long as the end of the year to be back.

I just ordered a microHAM cable to connect the anticipated K3 to the MK2R+. A bit expensive for what it is but I really don’t have the time to hunt for the parts and to solder everything together. Hmm, the parts are probably all in my private stock. Let’s stick to "no time" which means no motivation. I finished a shack decoration project this week. More on that later. I need to take some pictures which implies cleaning up the shack.

As it turns out my hunch about 7QP last weekend was right. I talked to K7GK and he said K7ZSD‘s log for 7QP didn’t show any EU. Cranking up the tower would have been in vain – so my guess was right and spending the sunny weekend outside with the XYL was a better time investment than spending it in a hot shack.

Stay tuned for more non-interesting ON5ZO facts.

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