CW Freak

CWFreak A new month just begun so it’s time to do the monthly CW Freak run. CW Freak is my favorite CW trainer. I like the 25 QSO run with increasing speed.

I don’t quite dominate the scores though. My WWYC friend Fab DJ1YFK does. He gets over 100 WPM. One-oh-oh WPM is no typo. Talk about a CW Freak. Respect Fab!
I’m glad he doesn’t call me at that speed in the contest. I would look even more a LID thenĀ  HI.

To the left you can see how I just did. That is my monthly average. I do feel that I’m less active on the air but with no warm up I still copy well above 40 WPM without errors which is well enough to start a contest.
My weak point is the S and H above 45 WPM. I always get those mixed up. Same with 2 and 3 when it’s really fast.

This last run I copied a fast CO….Y so a lot of DXing on HF made me type CO8LY. Bingo! I always get a thrill in the contest when you take a shot at a call starting from a partial and it turns out to be right. You can’t buy or learn a thing called "experience".

Take a look at DJ1YFK’s YouTube movies. Especially his CW Freak effort movie.

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