I’m going to PJ2!

Actually I’m NOT going to PJ2. Last Saturday I woke up and read my emails over breakfast. That’s the modern version of browsing the morning newspaper over a cup of coffee. There was this posting on CQ-Contest in which Geoff W0CG of PJ2T fame offered the super duper contest station on Curacao for rent during the IARU contest. My thinking jumped into overdrive. I could satisfy three needs at once:

  • I’m badly needing some "operational innovation". I’m bored with current conditions on HF and operating one of my favorite contests from a DX location and piloting a super station could / should be a welcome distraction from working Russia on 20m which contesting has become basically due to the lack of propagation.
  • The XYL really wants to go on a holiday. Unfortunately for her I’m not much of a globetrotter (never been outside of EU). Combining nice WX, a tad of beach and an exotic location with some nice radio activity would be good. Take a look at some of the pictures on, especially the scenes with the terrace and the ocean view.
  • Doing a SOAB effort with high rates for the whole duration of the contest is high on my wish list. It can’t be done with my setup from ON and certainly NOT with SFI below 70. Powerhouse PJ2T might be it.

I immediately got the proverbial cold shower when I looked up what a flight from ON to PJ2 would cost. For two adults in plain holiday season, the price is prohibitive. Especially since we have some major plans for renovations around the house this and next summer. My mood? *insert foul language here*

Exit radio traveling plans. At least for now. A couple of weeks ago KY1V launched a similar offer (link) that got me drooling / dreaming. That got even worse when Scott W4PA announced he jumped on the case (link). Just like that. Basically I was trying to accomplish the same "accidental arrangement" with PJ2. It wasn’t meant to be – at least not for now. IARU 2008 will be done from "ye olde home QTH". Let’s hope for sunspots and a surprising 10m band just like last year. I had a ball then so why not again this year?

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