All work and no play…

…makes Jack a dull boy. And since I’ve reached an unacceptable level of dullness it’s time for a U-turn. ON4BHQ (hi there Wim!) is working way more CW DX than I am lately and he leaves no opportunity unused to rub it on my nose. Hence no work this weekend and only play. I chased the YK9G expedition. Easy from here so I logged them on 15, 17, 20 and of course 30m. And yesterday I even worked an all time new one: 9Q1EK on 12m CW. Sweet.

While typing this I’m CQing away on 20m for JIDX CW. It’s an utterly useless endeavor. There is no propagation and probably not much participation as a result. Yet again I can’t help to reminense over all this stuff in 2001-2002 when the solar flux was high and I didn’t have antennas but still worked the world on 20.

I planned to write something about my friend K3WWP’s CQ QRP streak of 5000 days in a row with one CW QRP QSO a day. That’s over 13 years with at least one CW QSO every single day with 5W and simple wire antennas. Hats off for K3WWP! W2LJ already wrote what I had in mind so I’ll just refer to W2LJ’s blog.

All for now, catch y’all later!

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