More info on UBA SSB Contest

Here’s the deal in detail:

Band      QSOs    Pts   Sec
   3,5      95     177   23
     7      77     166   23
    14     261     670   39
    21       4      8     3
    28       1      1     1
Total     438    1022   89
Score: 90.958

The 15m QSO’s were: ON7LX, ON4BHQ, ZS2I who was CQing and Ron "Always there" VE3AT. He called me on 20m and I asked him to QSY. He told me I was S7 in Canada. TNX for the multiplier!

I tried moving a couple of Americans from 20m to 15m but that didn’t work. I wonder when 15m will support intercontinental propagation again. Can we expect a couple of hours NA-EU propagation by the end of 2008?

What else? I applied for LotW CW WAS and upgraded my DXCC to #200 CFM via LotW. No more paper! There’s something fishy about the WAS standings now. It seems I only asked for 1 state. I should keep an eye on that.

And GlobalQSL announced that they’ll raise the price of their service March 1. Could that be part of the business model? Get people on board with cheap rates and then -bang- adjust the price setting. I picked up a box of incoming QSL last Friday. Two month’s harvest is a shoe box full of cards to process and reply. I’ m not going back to sticking labels, that’s for sure. The GlobalQSL folks probably know that too.

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