Gentlemen, we have achieved WASness

Yes! I just checked my LotW account and there is it… 50/50 states confirmed in CW on LotW. Thank you K7GQ for uploading your logs and confirming our 3 QSO’s. It took a while to get Nevada confirmed via the ARRL LotW system but there you go. They say that good things come to those who wait and that patience is a virtue.

No more plowing through tons of paper QSL cards to get those 50 cards. My WAS CW award is just a few mouse clicks away now. But the chase is more thrilling than the catch so it could take a while before I’ll actually apply¬† ;o)

Coming weekend is the UBA DX contest SSB and guess what: I am NOT looking forward to that. Nothing to do with that CW-SSB thing, we’ve left that behind. I am just so darn busy that my mind is not set to contesting. Imagine that… Add to that the WX we’ve been having for three weeks and some wind is predicted for the weekend to come, the fact that I need to set everything up on Saturday and that I need to retune my 80m vertical which is set for CW…

We’ll see. Now off to rejoice my LotW WAS achievement.

PS Hat off to those who can tell me from which nineties TV series I adapted the title of this blog entry  ;o)

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