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I carefully reread the Daily DX pages about FJ/OH2AM regarding the "situation" yesterday. It turns out that OH2AM is a club callsign and that it is a 2 man operation indeed: OH2BH and OH0XX. I really can’t believe one of these two does not sign his call for over 20 minutes / 40 QSO. But it is what it is and that is what I witnessed yesterday. Case closed.

Or maybe not? I was firing away on 17m yesterday afternoon working USA at a very slow pace. Then along came a spot on the DX Cluster…

    K1ZZI        18072.8 OQ5M                                        1330 22-Dec-2007
    K2XX         18072.6 OQ5M                                        1501 22-Dec-2007
N5AU 18073.2 FJ/OH2AM CQ 1517 22-Dec-2007

    CT1ILT       18073.2 FJ/OH2AM    up2 nice..                      1520 22-Dec-2007

OQ5M QSY! I couldn’t copy them but was ‘kindly’ asked to QSY. I didn’t plan to do so but… I didn’t work much later on. On Friday I worked a couple of West Coast stations on 30m but yesterday NIL. Though KW7Y must have heard me as he put me on the cluster. We worked on Friday so he didn’t call me again. Lately 40m has been in very bad shape (more on that later). So I called it a day and went downstairs and worked on my LogStats project.

I added what I call the XYL feature. I now have an overview of how many days I was active in a year.

The number of days is based on the number of different dates in the log. So it marks a day as QRV no matter if you worked one DX in 5 minutes or spent the full 24h in the chair working a contest.This is what it looks like.

I need to check if the code computes these numbers well. 223 days in 2001 is a lot but not impossible. I was still living at my parents’ place, working in shifts provided a lot of free time and the rig was in my bedroom…


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