DXers Anonymous – make ‘m go to rehab

This morning I fired up the shack – I could use some heat against the freezing cold.  Open mond
I tuned to 40m and found a pile up with a huge split. The DX’s signal was S5-S7. It was not easy to find whom he was working because of the wide split and (can it be any different?) the out-of-turn-callers. I kept listening to the DX but he didn’t ID for a couple of minutes and a dozen of contacts. He remained anonymous for quite a while up to the point that it got annoying.
So I started timing to do something usefull while trying to work Anonymous. It was 07.09utc now and I had been trying and listening for some minutes already. He went on for 5 minutes and 9 contacts without IDing and QSO #10 since counting was yours truly. I gave him 5NN and wanted to ask his call but 5NN was enough for him and he immediately sent TU. So I kept listening and listening… and he went on and on remaining utterly anonymous. At 07.25 someone got curious too and sent ‘DX? DX?’ on Anonymous’ QRG. One of the Frequency Cops (see Chapter 12 of ON4WW Operating Practice reference) on duty sent ‘FJ/OH2AM‘ – so that’s who he is! Now why couldn’t he have sent that himself? Is that a new trend in DXing, working with ID-subcontractors? I kept counting and timing and after 20 minutes and 40 contacts and ZERO ID I quit and went for breakfast. Still he hadn’t sent his call only once! Now who had I just worked?
Of course I knew… eerrr: had a clue who he was from the start, because I was connected to the DX cluster. But obviously Mister Anonymous thinks that everyone is and that IDing is a thing from the 20th century.
The list of poor operating practices is long but this one sure is soooo annoying. I wonder who the operator was and why he didn’t send his call? On the other hand: if he maintains a rate of about 120/hr without giving his call for at least 20 minutes, then he just gave me a good idea to have some fun and make up my own pile up…

Maybe more later this weekend. I need to get those Christmas cards to the post office today. 73 / QRU.

ADDED info 11.00utc:
I Googled FJ/OH2AM and found more info on the Daily DX website. Apparently the operators are OH2BH and OH0XX, and maybe others but these are the only 2 calls listed. It’s hard to believe that one of these two would wait over 20 minutes or 40 QSOs to send his call. They’ve got so much experience. It’s just not their style. Maybe some other op on the team? In fact it doesn’t matter who it was. Bottom line is: PSE give your call.

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