FO/N6JA: TNX for the new one!

Yesterday I was calling CQ on 30m. I saw FO/N6JA spotted and I have never worked a FO. But I figured I wasn’t going to hear him and I didn’t feel like engaging into a DX pile up. So I called CQ…

I had a fairly good EU run which I interrupted from time to time to listen for DX. Then there he was: FO/N6JA. He was S2 and I asked his call again to make sure. Yep: FO/N6JA. All time all band new DXCC for me.

I worked a couple of ‘regular’ W2-W3 (early afternoon to late morning for them) and a 9M6. It was sort of grey line propagation with the sun rising over the US West Coast. I think a handfull of 6/W7 called in but I had troubles copying them. The signals were good (S5). It wasn’t QSB, nor QRN or QRM. It’s wasn’t polar flutter. It was an echo rendering the signals quite hard to copy. Simultaneous LP / SP propagation? I don’t know. The LID-factor rose: giving 559 yet asking for their call a couple of times. Is there a Q-code for this? If so, please let me know!

The LogStats project has reached phase 2:



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