CQ WW CW 2007

First of all: a BIG
to my XYL who supported me during this weekend by checking how the
score progressed once in a while and feeding me in a timely fashion. That and
coping with my pre-contest stress and a garden full of aluminum and copper
wires. I would never enjoy this hobby without her approval and support. But I
would never stop contesting.   Open mond


Next: station setup
(see my website).

  • N1MMLogger – accept
    no substitute!
  • A microHAM MK2R+
    driving a pair of TS-850 with band decoders and SO2R antenna
  • One kW amp for the
    running TRX and the 2nd transceiver is operated
  • An OptiBeam OB11-3
    tribander at 20m high.
  • Fritzel triband
    vertical for SO2R.
  • 40m: 2 slopers with
    simple A/B switching, one favoring
    USA and the
    other in between JA and VK facing UA.
  • 80m: inverted L vertical, with feedpoint and 2 elevated radials at 4m
  • 160m: shorty
    inverted V loaded with coils.

My target? Based on
last year: 3000 QSO and I was shooting for 3M points. A bit too optimistic since
10m was dead and 15m was poor at best. You can see the comparison with last year
in the picture below.


Glimlach  Highlights:

  • Working my friend
    K7GK on 40m long path on my sunset.
  • Working VK9AA on 4
    bands (10+15+20+40).
  • Getting called by
    numerous DX.
  • I run 160 and see
    SV9CVY on 80m. I go and work him and he asks to QSY to 160m. I tell him my QRG
    and says he’ll CQ there. I tell him I am CQing there, so in one minute I had two
    mults… SO2R pays! I was assisted this time but it pays even more when unassisted.

Bedroefd  Lowlight: ZS4TX asked to move
from 40m to 80m but his proposed QRG was occupied by two ragchewers so that
didn’t work out. Bummer!



  • The contest was
    long, I prefer 24h contests. Yet I don’t plea to reduce it or add part time
    entries. This is The Big One, no mercy on the battlefield!
  • DX propagation on
    40m LP at my sunset works but only 2 z3 worked (K7GK and WC6H). Last year I
    worked some more.
  • The rates were
    average, no real peaks like I remember from 2001 when I started contesting. I
    guess the sun needs to cooperate and support long openings to
    USA and
  • Operation was quite
    courteous. I didn’t get bothered this time.
  • Fantastic
    participation. CW dying? Yeah right!

All for now, need
to clean up the shack and the garden and catch up on postponed

73 ES

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