It was the Night of the Twenty JA

Earlier this week I noticed a broken streetlight on a pole just across the street (less than 10m from the couch in the living room). FEAR of QRM but I didn’t dare to switch on the rig. So I filed an online alert on Tuesday, got confirmation that they took notice of the broken lamp. It isn’t broken, it’s flickering which is even worse I guess.

This afternoon I put up the SO2R high band vertical (seems to work) and the 40+80m antenna. Lamp stil broken, flashing and arcing. Bummer!
Sunset here – streetlights switch on – exit low bands. Aaarrgghh!!! With CQ WW just around the corner? I need to take affirmative action on Monday with the utility company. That or a double barrel shotgun to deal with the broken lamp?

Still I worked V8 on 40CW for an all time new one. Later (before writing this) I CQ’ed on 80m and worked 20 JA’s! Through the QRM!
I also got called by BD and DS for 2 new ones on 80m and by regular P43JB and a dozen W.
Did I mention I worked 20 JA on 80m tonight?   ;o)

More later, stay tuned but don’t tune on my frequency!

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