Morse Myths (by KE9V)

Yesterday I processed a batch of buro QSL for OQ5M. It has come to the point
that I find this a complete waste of time and money – both invaluable resources for expanding my station and make contacts. Now there is still a
pile of incoming cards left for OO5ZO and ON5ZO. Those will be paper cards
until the stock runs out and then I’ll switch to the GlobalQSL service. The
price per 1000 cards is about the same as having QSL cards printed but I
don’t need to buy/print/stick labels and sort/send the cards. Clearly a
winning service for people like me. Don’t get me wrong, I like QSL cards but
the volume has become too big.

Today Jeff KE9V blogs about Morse Myths. That’s a topic
of interest to me, being a CW fanatic. I guess the most silly myth must be
that CW on the amateur bands is dying. Sure, commercial morse has been
abandoned in favour of more ‘modern’ ways like satellite phone etc but on
the ham bands it is alive and kicking, rest assured. The strange things is
that it is mostly hams that don’t know or use CW are the believers. Anyone
who tunes in the CW subbands knows better. Most and best DX always pops up
in CW, it is THE mode for small stations with a limited setup (PSK? yuk!)
and to me it is a vital part of the hobby.
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