I’ve been reading 3830 closely over the last day and three things really strike me.

  1. There are a lot of guys basicaly telling the same thing as I did: too wide signals on the air, and IDing with ‘QRZ’ is annoying.
  2. There are some claimed scores reported by easy mults that I completely missed (A45WD, FM1HN, WP2MDG, KL7RA and probably more). Some of these were actually M/x so I wonder if they did some S&P and if so if they care to work non-mult 3-pointers as well? I can’t imagine they would not have heard me. I’ll give KL7RA the benefit of the doubt on that one, of course!
  3. For my own league: how do you pull THIS off? Yet I didn’t work him. Strange…

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