Finally here: Autumn Break

Today is the first day of my autumn break (1 week) and the day before CQ WW SSB. I slept almost 3 hours longer than on a working day, I needed it. I’m having mixed feelings about tomorows’s contest. The good thing is that’s it’s a contest and it has been over two and a half months since my last contest – but that wasn’t really a success. I really need to get away from it all. More precise: get away from work and empty the head. So what better than a contest?
The bad thing is that it’s SSB. Not my prefered mode, to say the least! And though I really like SOAB, I decided to go SB20. Here’s why.

  • SSB for 48 hours? No way!
  • SSB on the low bands? No way!
  • Retune my 80m antenna from CW to the SSB subband? No way!
  • Any other SSB-friendly band that supports DX propagation right now? No way! With 15m being very spotty and 10m a total wasteland…

So here’s the deal for today: clean up the shack and operating desk, hook up the headset for phone operation, do some work around the house, crank up the tower, take a shower, (try to) make some QSOs and hopefully won’t be disappointed when the band is (seemingly) dead.

BTW: my 3830 score from 2006 is this weekend’s target. I doubt I’ll pull this off…
More after the weekend, 73 / CU as OQ5M on 20m.

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