Actually, the update is just to say that there isn’t much to say.
I participated in the EU Sprint SSB last weekend, but as always Sprint isn’t my thing. The good thing is that I spent the whole Saturday prior to the contest fixing my 80m vertical’s feedpoint construction. I noticed that the fiber glass portion of the actual antenna has split in the bottom section so I need to redo that too.
I got ready just in time (15.35utc) before the start (16.00utc). My elevated radials are cut to CW length and I didn’t bother adjusting them so it didn’t give an ideal match. Though it seems that 80m worked best, maybe conditions were just plain poor – again!
Friday I cleaned and assembled the Fritzel 3 band vertical and with only 1 elevated radial per band, the antenna analyzer shows a good match right at the feedpoint which will broaden due to the added feedline loss.
Other than that no news from the ham front. Next weekend is EU Sprint CW but I have a (ham) friend coming over so we’ll see what gives. Tune in (but don’t tune on my QRG) after the weekend.

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