Low on shack time

Typical situation: too much work to do and no time left to be on the air. Not quite work but close enough: I’m watching some ASP.NET movies trying to get started. It’s quite fun. I downloaded Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express and it’s actually quite powerfull for those familiar with one of the programming languages like Visual Basic. I am currently converting myself from VB6 to VB2005 for which I also downloaded the free Express Edition.

The Linux – Open Source community likes to bash Microsoft but here’s the deal… Last summer I experimented with the Ubuntu Linux Distro. That works but it’s a pain to get to the point where it starts working. Furthermore my laptop’s WiFi cannot be supported under Ubuntu (if someone knows how: please tell me!) – so there you go. Then I ran Drupal as a Content Management System (CMS). Drupal gets credit for being the best CMS – but again quite a pain to get started. It seems like that Linux – Open Source is like a brotherhood not willing to share easy info for newbees but only publishing tons of very confusing stuff. I think I am above average when it comes to using computers so I figure it’s a Mission Impossible for Average Joe.
But Microsoft products work, or at least easily give the impression to do so. And with the free Express Editions anyone can get started for free, and there is a lot of good starter’s material out there!

This weekend is CQ WW RTTY. I like RTTY but after an hour I have enough of that slow mouse clicking mode. I’ll get on for a couple of QSO’s, and maybe work some in the "Special QSO Party to mark 75th anniversary of Irish Amateur society". And there’s the Texas QSO Party too. Always nice to work some USA hams. And on Sunday there’s Belgiums biggest ham fair. But you know: Big in Belgium…

That’s all for know, 73.

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