SFI > 250 or bust!

Netduino, Visual Basic and PWM to drive a DC motor

Netduino+ & TCP/IP comms with PC

Netduino – glad to make your acquaintance

Toys for boys: netduino

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  • Why do they always have an Ethernet interface on these things, instead of a wireless LAN interface ? I have gone 100% wireless here. No more daisy-chained damage from nearby lightning propagating through every Ethernet-connected piece of equipment.

  • OQ5M, Franki: Tnx for your eQSL. That has given me my eDX certificate application on eQSL. Enjoyed our QSO on 11/25/2012. I have been a ham for 8 months but I can copy CW fairly good. I learned to copy CW in 1963 in the U.S. Navy and could copy 35 wpm at that time. Being a little rusty and a lot older I can’t copy quite as fast as I once did, but maybe with a little practice I can get there. I hope to work you again sometime. Best of 73 my friend. Steve

  • Glad I could give you a point in the contest today..Lou Buffalo,NY

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